First-Rate Tree Surgery Expertly Carried out by Specialists in Oxford, Oxfordshire

As an established tree surgery business, you can trust our tree surgeons to take care of your greenery. Based in Oxford, Oxfordshire, our industry professionals are able to analyse and diagnose various issues, allowing us to determine the best way forward. When your trees are looking a little worse for wear, turn to Oxford Tree Surgeons.

Assessing the Problem

Regular checks can be arranged so that we can evaluate any trees in question, so rest assured that there is no hassle when you choose our company. We’ll measure all safety implications to establish how to treat the tree. All legal and safety hazards must be checked in time increments to evaluate any further damage caused.

Evident situations are handled with care by our team of fully trained and qualified experts. We ensure everything is taken care of from start to finish, making sure that all work carried out is in line with the regulations set out by local authorities. We’re here to liaise with any other professional bodies, surveyors, and inspectors when required.

Unmatched Tree Services

In many cases, problems can be noticed immediately and is evident upon simply looking at the diseased tree. When looking for the root cause of the problem, there are a few popular and natural reasons as to why the issue has occurred. Most common causes are damage from weather – the tree defects from original growth and results in symptoms. Alternatively, a pest infection is a common disease found among trees – it affects the growth and structural integrity of the greenery. We have a team of experts who are on hand to deal with these issues.

Trust Our Team

Carrying out unrivalled tree surgery services, you can count on us to restore your land. It is the duty and power of the landowner, property owner, land development agency, manager, or environmental consultant to contact us to make us aware of an issue. Once we have been notified, we’re able to complete relevant processes and checks to create an evaluation of each infected tree. 

This is ideally undertaken so it is recognised what risks to take and if the disease itself is harmful. It is important, especially for commercial or public sectors, to address this as soon as it is first brought to light. Ensuring all risks, harm, and safety precautions are followed for the site or that may interfere with public access routes are limited, you can rely on us to take care of the trees. It is also good to understand the initial source or cause of the disease, so barriers can be put in place to prevent spreading and further contamination.