Control the Height of Your Trees with Pruning and Trimming in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Taking care of all aspects of tree pruning and trimming, we’re here to control the appearance of your property’s greenery. Oxford Tree Surgeons offers a variety of unbeatable services, ensuring that you receive the best possible solution. Based in Oxford, Oxfordshire, we’ll determine the job in hand within our free initial site survey and see what service we can provide to best assist you.

Tree Pruning Solutions

Offering all-inclusive tree services, we provide bespoke solutions to make sure overgrown greenery is left looking neat and tidy. Our team are on hand to take care of all of your requirements, making sure to prevent any possible injuries by taking care of any safety precautions. We offer:

• Reduction in Height
• Lifting of the Tree’s Crown
• Removal of Lower Branches
• Thinning the Tree’s Crown
We will ensure our team arrive on site as soon as possible to carry out an initial free survey. We provide several methods of tree pruning depending on the growth, tree type, and other specific considered factors. Below, there is a list that describes services in more detail.

Tree Reduction

Reduce the overall height of your trees for a more attractive and manageable appearance. Carrying out work in a secure and efficient manner, our team are on hand to help with trees that are suffering from height problems. Our professional service ensures that we are able to reduce the height where possible, while making sure that the outcome keeps the shape and natural look of the tree. What’s more, thanks to our careful approach, the overall regrowth of the tree won’t be effected.

Branch Removal

Our team assesses any branches which may be either a health and safety hazard due to being overgrown or have risk of falling. Depending on each specific job, we are also able to carry out any safe lifting of the tree crown and remove any lower branches looking out of place or potentially harmful. For a more aesthetically pleasing tree, look no further than our skilled experts.

Tree Thinning

This process includes the most useful or most popular services used on older trees which have previously had removal work carried out. If you have only a few branches in one target area that are causing an issue, then removing them is the most environmentally friendly solution. The thinning process is ideal for those trees in which there are several areas with issues of potentially harmful or overgrown branches throughout most or throughout the whole of the tree. 

Our experienced team ensures a bespoke service, where the thinning of the crown leaves the tree looking beautiful. Branches that are well-spaced out offer an overall structure that is visually appealing.