Specialists in Hedge Removal and Trimming in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Not only do we provide meticulous tree surgery, our comprehensive services also comprise of hedge removal and trimming. At Oxford Tree Surgeons, we specialise in trimming, reducing, and removing hedges and greenery to ensure that your outside space looks attractive. Situated in Oxford, Oxfordshire, we offer tailor-made solutions that are bespoke to you and your needs.

All Aspects of Hedge Work

We will ensure we can carry out any full hedge removal and trimming when required, or even height reduction in which we ensure the shape and desired look is achieved. All aspects of hedge work can be undertaken by our experienced and qualified team. We use high-quality machinery, ensuring an efficient and precise service. We’ll always clear away as much debris possible afterwards to leave the area in a safe, well-kept, and professional manner.

Tailored to Your Needs

Each and every service we provide is job specific and customer focused, meaning we can offer you everything from one-off services right through to providing regular contracts. Catering to your business and commercial requirements, our arborists are on hand to assist you in maintaining your hedges.

So if you need your hedge trimming, look no further. Our hedge removal and trimming services that we offer are suited to your needs. You can set a date for us to return in advance so it will ensure you are never left with an overgrown or messy hedge as we take care of all your domestic or commercial work.

Carrying out a Survey

Upon our initial site survey, we’ll determine what work needs to be undertaken. From this, we’ll be able to identify a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution. This means we can arrange any ongoing maintenance plans for the regular upkeep of certain properties, grounds, businesses, or other residents. 

This will be arranged within a customer agreement to ensure it is hassle-free services we provide. We also liaise and work closely with councils to cater to specific needs which may be required to put our work into the local area and community. We provide our services to:
• Homeowners
• Property Developers
• Landlords
• Business Owners